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CC Montage. We build facades of glass and aluminum.

We are a company that exists on the market since 1990. Since 2001 CC Montage specializes in the fabrication and assembly of particularly complicated facades of glass and aluminum. We realize original architectural projects in Poland and abroad. All our projects are unique in terms of architectural assumptions, mounting techniques and   used   material.   However,   projects,   of   which   we   are   truly   proud   are   glass   roofing   of   airports and railway stations: 1 . Expansion   of   the   Warsaw   International   Airport   Okecie.   The   front   facade   -   Terminal   2 (2005). 2 . Terminal 2E, Roissy them. Charles de Gaulle in Paris (2007). 3 . Sloterdijk Station in Amsterdam / The Netherlands (2009). 4 . TGV station - Guillemins Liege / Belgium. Architect: Santiago Calatrava (2009). 5 . Extension of the tram route Poznan Fast Tram (PST) in Poznan. On   the   occasion   of   the   project   PST   in   Poznan   CC   Montage   company   has   developed   a   technology solution   reserved   by   patent.   The   solution   according   to   the   invention   allows   to   obtain   different designs of glass. The   second   CC   Montage’s   branch   is   the   production   of   highway   toll   booths.   Our   top   quality objects are mounted on motorways A1, A2 and A4. We also manufacture winter gardens (beer gardens). In   the   entire   history   of   economic   activity   CC   Montage   company   has   never   been   charged   with   any contract penalties. That fact puts CC Montage in a position of a reliable partner. At   CC   Montage   we   do   care   to   keep   constant   experienced   staff   and   fluctuations   in   our   team hardly does not exist. I hope that CC Montage company interested you as a candidate for joint projects. Yours faithfully, Tadeusz Czyżewicz

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CC Montage Ltd. Piaski 9 Street PL 87-800 Włocławek T:  +48.542521591 F:  +48.542521449 Tadeusz Czyżewicz – President M: +48 601 66 25 04 Piotr Matczak - Project Manager, Constructor M: +48 607 727 636 Olimpia Dzięcielewska-Verbeke - Project Coordinator M: +33 630 02 00 80 Agata Tadajewska - Constructor M: +48 693 36 36 10 Joanna Najmowicz-Gębicka - Finanse M: +48 697 701 410 Agnieszka Przybylska - Finanse & Marketing M: +48 693 36 36 11